Troop 381

September Campout: The Michigan Petroglyphs

The "Petroglyphs" are old carvings in a rock face or other Standing object. Further details will come from the campout's planner Salvo Curcuru.

Coming Up in October: The Webelos Campout

We bring in some Webelos Scouts to Kensington Metropark And show them what Troop 381 is all About. free polls
What would you like to see done on our next or on a future campout?
Scout Skills Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing Hiking Canoeing Tracking Open Event (camporee or other BSA related activity) Merit Badge Work other   

Summer and High/Adventure Campouts.

Summer camp- Ditto Below


High Adventure- The troop Has been Coming up with ideas For the 2012 Trip.

Adventure- Details Pending. Ditto Above

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